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Contestants (6): monster88 vs TBA vs TBA vs TBA vs TBA vs TBA

Console: Xbox One

Entry: $5

Reward: $30

Contest ID: 156

Game Rules

6 Contestant Gamers

Warzone mode. Gamer 1, Gamer 2, and Gamer 3 will join the same game as a trio team and Gamer 4, Gamer 5, and Gamer 6 will join another same game as a trio team. All 6 gamers will compete to score the most kills. The Gamer with the most kills at the end of both games is the winner

Once your game is done, do not try to play another game. Only the first game kill score will count. Wait until the other trio is done and compare who has the highest score of the 6 gamers.

it's a Draw ONLY if all 6 contestant gamers have the same amount of kills at the end of the game. If 5 or less out of the 6 gamers have the same highest score then it is not a draw but a 'No Contest' or another game could be played to determine the winner.

Note: We recommend that you wait until all gamers are paired up and ready to enter the battle zone before going on 'Ready' status so basically you all can start around the same time.

Note: For 6 Contestant Gamers, if you all 6 manage to be in the same game/battle zone as eachother then great; however, it just rarely works out that way and play either way

These game rules along with The General Contest Rules must be followed.

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