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To create an account and profile is free. Not only is Gamer Contest a skill compeition site it is also operates as a social media site for gamers, so you can post in the PostBoard, network with gamers, and link to watch contest streams for free. However, to enter a contest you must pay an entry fee which goes to the total pool of reward money that you can win. The only fee The site receives for it's service is a Service Fee (click details here) when a user withdraw from their Rewards Account.

We will be adding more games soon. The games that will be added our based on the games requested the most by our users. If there's a game that is not listed that you want to be added contact and let us know.

Yes, with platform there are tournaments and matches listed from users all over the world ready to compete with anyone. The tournaments and matches set with cryptocurrency as the entry and reward allows users from different countries to compete with eachother.

The minimum entry fee is $5 USD, ₿0.0005 BTC, Ł0.01 LTC, or Ɖ25 DOGE, and the maximum entry fee is $500 USD, ₿0.05 BTC, Ł5 LTC, or Ɖ500 DOGE

When all gamers in a contest can't agree on the results then there's an option to dispute it. If a gamer selects dispute then at that point the contest is an a disputing stage, no more oppurtunity to enter results and a Gamer Contest Judge will review the game (through submitted streams or evidence) to determine the results. Within 24 hours, the Gamer Contest Judge will make a decision, the contest will be updated, and the contestant gamers will be notified. The decision is final.

It is the responsibility of each contestant gamer to ensure that their connection is suitable for playing online. If a gamer gets disconnected and is not able to continue the current game then that gamer has the lost the game or eligibility to win. If all gamers get disconnected in the contest at the same time, and can not continue the current game, it's possibly a network error and should be ruled a "No Contest".

You can withdraw any amount from your Rewards Account anytime as long as you have enough to cover the Service Fee (click details here). The money will be send to your PayPal Account for US accounts, for users in the rest of the world they can choose their Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin address from their respective Rewards to receive their money.

You can not withdraw from your Funds Account or get a refund once you deposit the money in it. Only if you ask to delete your account, all money left from your Account Funds, minus a 10% processing fee and ₿0.0005, Ł0.007, or Ɖ7 miner fee if applicable to related Rewards. Rewards (minus service fee) will be sent to your PayPal account, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin address.

If you want to delete your account send a message to asking to delete it, we will ask to verify some things to be sure it's you if necessary then delete your account. Once your account is deleted, your profile will be deleted as well, and whatever money is leftover on your Funds, minus a 10% processing fee and ₿0.0005, Ł0.007, or Ɖ7 miner fee if applicable and your Rewards will be sent to your PayPal account, Bitcoin or Litecoin address. Once it is deleted you can not recover it, but if you wish to create another new account/profile later you can do so.

Only one account per person.

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