How It Works

Choose A Contest

Create or join a contest to compete with gamers online. You will be able to select what game, console, up to how many players and how big the reward. Create or join up to 32 player tournaments.

Compete Online

The contestant gamers will be directed to a contest board page, where they can live chat with eachother and update the status of the match. To start the compeition, all gamers who joined the contest must be ready and submit their own live stream of the game. Once all gamers in the contest are in ready status, begin the game.

Reward & Records

Once the game is over, contestant gamers will submit the outcome on the private contest board page, where all contestants have to agree on the outcome (who won, draw, or no contest) if a winner can't be decided and a contestant disputes it then our gaming judge will review the game streams and decide the winner or outcome and the money reward will be given to the winner if there is one. Records of gamers will be kept and updated.

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Games and Consoles Supported

Apex Legends

Call of Duty



GTA Online

MLB The Show

Mortal Kombat






Rocket League

Street Fighter

Super Smash Bros



And More...